Product Description

Select a phone number or SIP address and press the pre-defined hotkey in order to initiate a Lync call, virtually from any application, using CETIS Dialer for Lync.

Procedure to initiate a Lync call

The User selects a phone number or SIP address on the screen. The selected phone number can be present in any application like Word, Excel etc. Next, the User presses the F8 key, and a small Call box will appear showing the detected phone number. Finally, the User clicks the Call button or presses the ENTER key to initiate the Lync call.

The User can configure whether a Call box should appear or not, in order to check the detected number, before initiating the call. Besides, the User can also configure to use another hotkey (function key or key combination) aside from F8.

Detecting phone numbers and SIP addresses

CETIS Dialer For Lync detects and extracts the phone numbers or SIP addresses even if the User has selected some other adjacent text. Virtually all standard number formats of foreign countries can be understood, and converted to the international format (e.g. +41 62 834 81 00). In addition, CETIS dialer displays the destination country, and enables the User to override it.


Many settings can be configured, namely:

  • Default country
  • Direct or indirect calling
  • User interface language
  • Maximum length of internal phone numbers
  • Preserving Clipboard content (Enterprise Edition only)
  • Automatic start after logon


CETIS Dialer for Lync is available in Personal Edition and Enterprise Edition.

The Personal Edition installs per User. Installation and updating do not require administrator rights. The Personal Edition can be downloaded from this Web site.

On the other hand, the Enterprise Edition is specifically designed to be distributed by an administrator. It can be ordered as a preconfigured version here.

User Guide

The User Guide contains the entire information about CETIS Dialer usage, about installing and configuring the said product. The User Guide is currently available in English (User Guide, also available as PDF), in German (Handbuch, auch als PDF erhältlich), and in French (Guide Rapide, aussi disponible en PDF).