CETIS Dialer for Lync – Enterprise Edition

We have designed an Enterprise Edition especially for organizations where software is rolled out by administrators. Basically, it is the same software as the Personal Edition with a few other features.

The Enterprise Edition differs from free Personal Edition as follows:

  • It is installed per machine. Therefore, administrator rights are needed for installation.
  • It can be configured to preserve the Clipboard when initiating a Lync call.
  • Initial configuration can also be done using command line parameters. For more details refer to the User Guide.
  • Software updates will be distributed by Administrator, and will not take place automatically from the servers of Cetis AG.

For easy software distribution at your site, a preconfigured program can be ordered. No additional costs will be charged.  Please visit the order page to configure and order your ready-to-distribute CETIS Dialer for Lync.

If you have any questions or any special requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.