Frequently Asked Questions

How free is the Personal Edition of CETIS Dialer For Lync?

It is just free. You can use it at the office or at home as you like. But you must download and install it for each computer manually. It is prohibited to distribute the Personal Edition to other computers. Support is limited, and we cannot guarantee, that there will always be an update available, e.g. for future operating systems or new Lync software.

Enterprise Edition only: On startup I get always a message box ‘… ‘

This is a known issue in Enterprise Edition. Please contact us to get a new version.

Enterprise Edition only: Clipboard does not preserve data from my program XY

Some programs behave in a special way how they handle the clipboard. CETIS Dialer For Lync tries to cover as many cases as possible. Please inform us which program you use. We can try to improve and revise the Clipboard behavior.

More to come soon …

Please use the contact form if you have any questions.